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Typing Instructor Web Review

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PROS / TypingInstructorWeb offers more than 100 lessons for students, and it allows you to create custom lessons and tests. The Management Center of this typing tutor also gives teachers much control over classes and individual students.

CONS / This typing tutor for school does not provide any multilingual support. It also lacks the ability to send messages to students and manage student’s grades from within the service.

 VERDICT / TypingInstructorWeb is an excellent option for a typing tutor because it allows you to create, delete and manage typists and provides lessons to learn all letter, number and punctuation keys.

Teach your students basic keyboarding skills in no time with TypingInstructorWeb. This typing tutor for schools provides the necessary features and tools you need to help young students learn proper typing skills. This online typing tutor is our TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award winner because it provides an easy-to-use interface, more than 100 lessons and a handful of games students can enjoy. This service teaches students all of the keys on the keyboard, including punctuation and number keys and the 10-key pad. It also offers the tools that allow you to manage students by classes or by individual skill levels.

  1. The number of lessons the typing tutor offers.
    Lessons (More is better)
  2. 3 Typing Instructor Web
    103 Number of lessons
  3. 210 Number of lessons
  4. 70 Number of lessons
  5. Category Average
    215.57 Number of lessons

Management Features

TypingInstructorWeb provides a Management Center that is only accessible to teachers and administrators. Within this area of the typing tutor, you can easily add users and teachers. You can also view a student’s profile or edit the student’s profile settings. When editing a typist’s profile settings, you can specify their group, their ID and their word per minute goal. You can also specify the type of typing course you wish for them to take, along with many additional settings such as showing hand placement during lessons, beeping on errors and allowing backspaces.

While in the Management Center, you can set up groups of students by classes or skill levels. You can also access many typing resources such as the user guide, curriculum guide and quick start guide. However, we are disappointed that TypingInstructorWeb does not offer any multi-language support. All navigation throughout the website and all typed text must be in English.

Exercises & Tests

This typing tutor software offers more than 100 lessons for students to use. These lessons help students learn the home row, number and punctuation keys. Students can select which lesson they would like to work on or teachers can assign the lessons to them.

In the Management Center of TypingInstructorWeb, teachers can choose to have a keyboard and hands displayed during a lesson that shows correct finger placement and the location of the key on the keyboard. Each lesson shows the WPM the student is typing, along with a progress wheel to show how much of the lesson they have remaining. When students are typing in a lesson or a practice article on TypingInstructorWeb, any errors they make will appear in red and all correct keystrokes will appear in blue, unless otherwise specified. At the end of each lesson, a result page will appear displaying the lesson completed, the WPM, percentage of accuracy and the adjusted WPM.

Large varieties of tests are also available on this typing tutor. When choosing a test, you can select the amount of time the test will take and the type of test to administer, such as specific letters, words, numbers or complete unit tests. Similar to the lessons, at the end of each TypingInstructorWeb test, a result page appears that displays the test completed, WPM, accuracy percentage and adjusted WPM.

Customization Options

When it comes to customization tools, this typing tutorial has an adequate selection of features and tools teachers can use. In the content section of the Management Center, you can easily create lessons and tests by choosing the type of content you wish to create, such as lessons, tests, articles or an entire typing course. You can then add all your desired text and assign the customized lessons or tests to specific students or an entire class.

Unfortunately, we could not find any place where teachers or administrators could leave messages and notes for students while logged in. We also could not find any place where teachers can manage grades and customize grades based on performance scores.

Help & Support

Help and support is available through TypingInstructorWeb’s homepage or inside the typing program. If you'd like to talk to an actual customer representative, email and telephone support is available. While there are standard business hours for telephone support, the company provides an afterhours voicemail if you would prefer to leave a message.

Inside this typing tutor’s Management Center is a list of resources to help you receive the most out of this web service. TypingInstructorWeb’s Management Center offers a user guide to provide you with step-by-step directions on how to use certain features within the center, how to maintain your student’s privacy and how to fully take advantage of all the features available to you through TypingInstructorWeb.


TypingInstructorWeb is a simple and user-friendly typing tutor that teaches typing using visuals and entertaining games. The Management Center allows you to supervise your students' profiles and typing progress. You can also customize and organize lessons, tests and curriculum. We are disappointed with the lack of a few features, such as multi-language support and grading capabilities. However, this typing tutor for schools still provides plenty to help students learn how to type quickly and correctly.