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TypingAce Review

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PROS / This typing tutor for schools provides 18 games for students to play. Teachers can also create lessons and tests to match classroom curriculum using TypingAce.

CONS / TypingAce does not provide lessons or tests for the 10-key pad. We also could not find an initial skill test included on this typing tutor.

 VERDICT / TypingAce is a basic typing tutor. This web-based service features only 23 lessons for students, but provides plenty of exercises and games for students to learn the keyboard.

TypingAce is a basic typing tutor for schools. This web-based typing program is designed for students of all skill levels and provides lessons that cover most of the keys on the keyboard. TypingAce offers a measly 23 lessons, which is the smallest number of lessons we saw on a typing tutor. However, there are 18 game options for students to enjoy, which helps students have fun while learning to type.

  1. The number of lessons the typing tutor offers.
    Lessons (More is better)
  2. 7 TypingAce
    23 Number of lessons
  3. 210 Number of lessons
  4. 70 Number of lessons
  5. 103 Number of lessons
  6. Category Average
    215.57 Number of lessons

A simple administrative section is featured on TypingAce, which gives teachers and administrators a handful of options for managing a class or an individual student’s typing curriculum and progress. In the group admin area, you can add students and group them in whatever way you like. Teachers can also manage student’s profile, which is a great benefit. With this ability, teachers can adjust usernames and passwords, set the type of speed calculation, specify the number of spaces between sentences and even choose from one of five languages for the student.

Navigation throughout this online typing program is simple. A menu bar is located along the top of the TypingAce webpage to direct students to their courses, tests and games. A section is available where students can view their problem keys and know where their weaknesses lie. The administrative section is also simple to use; with the easy-to-use menu along the top of the page, we had no trouble finding exactly the features we were looking for.

As we mentioned previously, TypingAce only features 23 lessons for students to enjoy. Luckily, within each lesson there are several exercises to help the students truly understand and know where the keys are located on the keyboard. There are 18 games available from TypingAce. Eleven of these games are designed to help students learn and practice typing, while the remaining seven are games that give kids a bit of a break to enjoy their time on the computer.

We were disappointed there are no 10-key pad lessons or tests. The lessons featured on this typing tutorial cover the rest of the keys on the keyboard, but if you want to teach 10-key, you will want to look elsewhere. Also, these computer typing lessons do not provide an initial skills test for students to take. Such a test would help teachers find a starting place for their students. However, teachers and administrators can create their own test in the group admin section of the service.

Within the group admin section, there are a handful of customization options. You can create your own lessons and exercises for students to complete. You can assign a time limit and specify the accuracy score students must achieve to pass the lesson. Teachers can also send messages to students, which is a rare feature in a typing tutor this basic.

TypingAce provides both telephone and email support for communication with a customer service representative. Both options allow for quick responses to any questions or problems that may arise. Unfortunately, we could not find any tutorial to ensure you get the most out of this typing tutor for schools.


TypingAce is an online typing tutor with enough lessons, exercises and tests to ensure your students learn the keyboard. The variety of games available also enhances students' learning and keeps them entertained. There are no 10-key pad lessons or tests on this typing tutor software, and TypingAce does not provide an initial skills test. However, the variety of other typing materials helps students learn and excel at basic keyboarding skills.