EduTyping Review

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PROS / EduTyping provides many customization features, including grading options and the ability to display personalized messages when students log in. EduTyping also features a practice library and current news briefs to help students learn typing with additional content.

CONS / This typing tutorial for schools does not offer 10-key pad tests.

VERDICT / EduTyping has the features and the tools needed to ensure students learn basic keyboarding skills, giving teachers and administrators several options for catering the curriculum to their class’ needs. It also provides plenty of content for students of all ages to enjoy.

EduTyping is a typing tutor for schools that helps students in all aspects of their typing. This web-based typing tutor helps students learn basic keyboarding skills, along with much more advanced typing skills such as punctuation keys, the number row and the 10-key pad, which is just one reason why EduTyping is our TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award winner. This service excels with its customization options for both teachers and students. Teachers can create custom lessons and tests and set accuracy scores and word per minute goals for their students. Students will enjoy the wide variety of lessons and games, which should keep them entertained throughout the entire school year.

  1. The number of lessons the typing tutor offers.
    Lessons (More is better)
  2. 2 EduTyping
    70 Number of lessons
  3. 210 Number of lessons
  4. 103 Number of lessons
  5. Category Average
    215.57 Number of lessons

Management Features

This typing tutor for schools offers plenty of management features for teachers and administrators to enjoy. EduTyping features an outstanding Instructor Control Center that only teachers and administrators can access. Within this control center, teachers can manage classes and students, view reports, build curriculum and adjust settings. Additionally, in the center you will find resources to ensure you are receiving the most out of this typing tutor software, and this is where you will find all your EduTyping account information.

Within the Instructor Control Center, you can manage classes by adding or deleting users and manage groups by classes, skill level or other preferences. EduTyping features two different skill levels for students: junior classes and standard classes. Teachers can group students according to their class and skill level, and they have complete control over the lessons, games and tests the student can access.

Another feature of this typing tutor’s instructor center is the ability to set letter grades according to a minimum typing speed. This helps you grade your students and gives them a goal they are required to meet.

EduTyping’s interface is fairly simple to use. However, it is not the most interactive and engaging typing tutor we reviewed. During each lesson, there is no fun animation or bright colors to help attract the students’ attention. However, there is a keyboard and hands to help demonstrate proper hand placement to students. Additionally, we are a little disappointed that the junior classes are not much easier to use and they require some reading skills to help students navigate around the program.

Exercises & Tests

This typing tutor offers more than 70 typing lessons for students to enjoy. Lessons are available for students to complete chronologically, or they can choose each lesson individually. The lessons are divided into units to help make planning the curriculum a much easier task for teachers.

Aside from the lessons, a practice library is available for students in the standard classes to practice typing articles. Also, to help students stay engaged with their typing practice, EduTyping provides short news briefs students can type. Both the practice library and news briefs have updated pop culture material to keep students entertained.

EduTyping allows you and each student to view their typing results. Speed and accuracy tests are provided to help students track their progress and see where their trouble areas lie. The results for these tests let students know their speed and accuracy for lessons, tests and practice articles. Also, an option is available in this typing tutor to print a certificate to reward students for the progress they have made. However, we are disappointed to see this typing tutor does not provide any typing tests for learning the 10-key pad.

Customization Options

We were impressed with the customization options EduTyping offers. This online typing tutor allows you to create custom lessons and tests for students to complete. You have control over each student’s user options and can customize each profile accordingly.

Teachers and administrators can manage typing grades using EduTyping. While in the Instructor Control Center, you can set a minimum word per minute requirement for students to receive a certain letter grade. You can also set specific deductions to the student’s word per minute score for certain reductions in accuracy.

Additionally, EduTyping makes it possible for teachers to communicate directly with students. Teachers can leave class messages that will display when the student logs on. Teachers can specify how long these messages will be displayed on the student’s login screen.

Help & Support

If any questions, concerns or problems arise while using EduTyping, you can contact a customer service representative using email or phone support. Also, a user guide is available to help you get the most out of this typing tutor and to give some additional advice for success with the typing tutor. Along with the user guide, several additional resources are available in the Instructor Control Center of EduTyping, such as add-on lessons, order forms and student login ID cards.


EduTyping offers a large selection of lessons, practice articles, tests and games for students to enjoy. This typing tutor features many customization and management options to help teachers build a solid curriculum. There are a few drawbacks, such as the lack of 10-key pad tests, and the interface is not as interactive and engaging as several similar online tutors. However, EduTyping’s extensive curriculum and comprehensive management controls make this typing tutor for schools an excellent choice for helping your students become expert typists.