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Typing Tutor for Schools Reviews

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Typing Tutor for Schools Review

Why Buy a Typing Tutor for Schools?

Being able to type accurately, quickly and in the proper position are skills that individuals need to learn to succeed in their education, career and daily life. The best time to develop these skills is while the individual is young and before bad habits and improper technique are established. Typing tutors for schools are web-based programs that teach students as early as Kindergarten how to type correctly and quickly.

These typing tutorials are very different from traditional software because there is nothing to install or download. Students can access these web-based programs from any internet-connected computer, and teachers can assign homework from the program and control all aspects of the typing program. These online computer typing lessons can teach students the home row and basic keyboarding skills, or teachers can adjust each student's account individually to match their skill level. The best online typing tutors provide a variety of lessons and games, along with an interactive and entertaining interface to help children enjoy learning how to type instead of dreading that time on the computer.

In this site, you will find articles on typing tutors for schools and how they can help your students improve their typing skills. Also, do not forget to take a look at our top three typing tutors: Typing Agent, EduTyping and TypingInstructorWeb.

Typing Tutor for Schools: What to Look For

When you look for the best typing tutor, it is important you look for programs that are engaging yet still provide high quality. Many typing services focus heavily on games and activities but do not teach students how to type accurately and quickly. It is important to keep students engaged, but don't feel that you have to sacrifice quality lessons for fun activities. We looked for typing tutors that provide many lessons and practice material for students and a large variety of management features for teachers.

Below are the criteria we used to evaluate typing tutors for schools.

Management Features
For teachers, controlling internet and computer use in a large classroom can be a daunting task. The best typing tutors give you complete control over what activities students can access. These services allow you to create password-protected, customized profiles for typists so that each user can only access the areas of the web service they need to use. Several of these programs also allow you to group students based on skill level and give individual students customized lessons to target weaker skill areas.

Exercises & Tests
The lessons, practice activities and skills tests are some of the most important aspects of typing programs. Some of the best web-based programs teach students how to properly type with all the letter keys and the 10-key numerical keypad. It is crucial to know that the service you select has the type of lessons you want your students to learn. Many programs do not focus on number or punctuation keys but concentrate solely on teaching basic keyboarding skills because that's what some educators focus on. Many programs also offer a variety of games to reward students for completing a certain number of lessons or courses.

Additionally, the best online typing tutors provide a variety of reporting options. Many services allow students and teachers to view students' progress regarding a specific lesson or test, or their overall accuracy and speed. Many services even allow teachers to print certificates for high results or allow students to play a specific typing or non-typing game on the software as a reward.

Customization Options
One of the advantages to using a typing tutor for school is the ability to customize lessons and tests to integrate them with other curriculum in your classroom. Some of the best online computer lessons allow teachers to create their own lessons and texts for students to complete. They also give teachers the ability to set goals for their students regarding their typing speed and accuracy. Additionally, our top-ranked web services even allow teachers to send personalized messages of encouragement or instruction to students and to manage their students' typing grades directly from the service.

Help & Support
You need to look for a typing tutor that provides assistance when questions or concerns arise. Phone and email support are excellent features for corresponding with a customer service representative. Many services also offer user guides and tutorials to help you fully understand the program and get the most out of it.

If you combine each of these elements, you will have a powerful typing tutor that will give teachers full control over their students' typing curriculum and entertain those students while they learn. With the right service for your school, teachers will enjoy the management options, students will be engaged and parents will love watching their students excel in their typing abilities.

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